• Merit Badges
  • Participation Badges, and
  • Service Badges.
  • You earn a Merit Badge when you demonstrate mastery of a Cat Scout skill.

    Participation Badges are awarded for participation in sanctioned Cat Scout events.

    Service Badges are earned when you complete a Cat Scout Service Project like sending out birthday cards to special people. The redemption codes are posted in the Service Group.

    To get your badge, enter its redemption code in the form below the login box at the top of the left sidebar.

    This site has 476 achievements, and the last unlocked was Be Purrpared. by Profile photo of Lickens gaylee.

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    All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
    Achievement Name Karma Description
    Achievement Name Karma Description

    Participate in a sanctioned stargazing event, and you’ll earn a participation badge, one for each one you participate in. Earn 5 participation badges for your Astronomy Merit Badge and a bonus … (more)

    100 Bonus Points 100

    Awarded by the Denmaster on an ad hoc basis.

    100 Super Special Points 100

    Special Cardwood Derby Prize for Sushi.

    25 Bonus Points 25

    Awarded ad hoc by The Denmaster

    4th of July Party Badge 10

    REDEMPTION CODE: 4thjuly16

    50 Bonus Points 50

    Awarded by the Denmaster on an ad hoc basis.

    Add 2nd Friend, Get 25 Karma Points 25

    Any scout who has friends who are ready to follow the rigorous course that cat scouts take, may invite those friends to join. Your friends should be of good moral character, with good hygiene and a s… (more)

    Appreciation Award for Meritorious Service 500

    Thank you for your selfless contributions to Cat Scouts.

    Badge: Assistant Patrol Leader 25

    No patrol could function without an assistant Patrol Leader helping out and filling in when the Patrol Leader is not available.
    REDEMPTION CODE: asstpatrolleader

    Badge: Buglemaster 20

    Cat Scouts might sleep through breakfast if it weren’t for the Buglemaster playing reveille.
    REDEMPTION CODE: buglemaster

    Badge: Cheermaster 40

    Redemption Code: cheermaster

    Badge: Flagbearer 35
    Badge: Grubmaster 50

    Many Cat Scouts believe that the Grubmaster is the most important part of a patrol.

    Badge: Hikemaster 35
    Badge: Patrol Leader 50

    Patrol Leaders get to wear badges so everycat knows who’s boss.
    REDEMPTION CODE: patrolleader

    Viewing 15 achievements - 1 through 15 (of 476 total)


    1. Profile photo of Deztinee Izabella High
      Deztinee Izabella High

      Yes Hermes, @kebby you got your badges and the points. You can go to your profile and click on achievements and see all of the badges and points you’ve been awarded. Hope this helps ya’. And da zombie badge is there only once. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us at some time.

    2. Profile photo of Hermes

      This is Hermes, did I get my birthday badges? Not sure. I don’t see them on my list. And I think I entered the zombie birthday party a second time, by accident! I’m sorry, and will be more careful! Thank you!